Bullion Storage

Protect and secure your gold and silver investments with our bullion storage options. Our private vault in Brisbane offers the ultimate protection for your gold and silver bullion with cost-effective gold and silver storage solutions designed to suit your individual needs.

Imperial Vaults are independently and privately owned, free of banks, governments or any other administrative intervention. Our state-of-the-art facility combines multi-layered security, fortified infrastructure, strategic design and a safe and secure location endorsed by the world’s largest insurer, Lloyd’s of London.

Our customers are able to access the Imperial Group suite of services which can be arranged during your appointment. These services include convenient bullion procurement, access to secure transport and logistics, valuations, and SMSF or inventory audits.


Why store your bullion in a private vault?


Multi-Layered 24/7 Security


Reduced costs on home & contents


Safe from theft & tampering


Independent & Privately Owned


Absolute Privacy & Discretion


Our Secure Storage Services


Access to premium bullion services

In partnership with Imperial Bullion, our customers are able to buy and sell gold and silver bullion with ease with access to secure logistics and transportation of your bullion.


Quality Insurance

Imperial Vaults provides all safety deposit box holders with $10,000 complimentary insurance through Lloyd’s Of London as part of its service for your complete peace of mind. Additional insurance is available upon request.


Bullion inventory reviews

We are able to provide onsite bullion reviews where an itemised statement of your bullion holdings will be issued by our senior bullion consultant. We can also issue end of financial year reports in compliance with your SMSF.


Ultimate Protection

Located in a flood-free zone, our facility incorporates multiple layers of security including 24 hour surveillance, sophisticated detection systems, biometric scanning that is fortified by reinforced concrete and steel walls.


Our Bullion Storage Options

Secure your gold and silver bullion with our cost-effective gold and silver storage solutions designed to suit your individual needs. We have a selection of safety deposit box and bullion safe capacities ranging from 10 kg up to 250 kg.

Each of our safety deposit boxes are issued with two identical and individually registered keys which cannot be duplicated. Additionally, Imperial Vaults has no access to your safety deposit box or bullion locker, guaranteeing complete privacy and maximum security. 

All safety deposit boxes come with $10,000 worth of insurance cover with the option to increase up to $1,000,000 for an additional fee



from $17 per month


  • Ideal for storing small valuables

  • Jewellery & family heirlooms

  • Cash, hard drives, passports

  • Up to 10 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $25 per month


  • A4-sized documents, photos

  • Cash, hard drives, passports

  • Jewellery & family heirlooms

  • Up to 20 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $46 per month


  • Ideal for storing large valuables

  • A4 documents, hard drives, photos

  • Family heirlooms, cash

  • Up to 50 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $74 per month


  • Ideal for storing large valuables

  • A4 documents, hard drives, photos

  • Family heirlooms & jewellery

  • Up to 250 kg of gold or silver bullion


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