Safety Deposit Box Prices

Our safety deposit box prices are designed to be an affordable private storage solution. Our private vault facility in Brisbane offers four safety deposit box sizes ranging from Small to Large with the addition of a bullion specific safe which can hold up to 250 kg of gold or silver bullion. Our safe deposit boxes are able to store a wide range of valuables of varying shapes and sizes. These items include bullion, precious metals, cryptocurrency, jewellery, documents, family heirlooms, photos, collectable coins and any other valuables. 

Our safety deposit boxes start from under $4 per week. See our prices below to find out which option best suits your individual needs.



from $17 per month


  • Ideal for storing small valuables

  • Jewellery & family heirlooms

  • Cash, hard drives, passports

  • Up to 10 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $25 per month


  • A4-sized documents, photos

  • Cash, hard drives, passports

  • Jewellery & family heirlooms

  • Up to 20 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $46 per month


  • Ideal for storing large valuables

  • A4 documents, hard drives, photos

  • Family heirlooms, cash

  • Up to 50 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $74 per month


  • Ideal for storing large valuables

  • A4 documents, hard drives, photos

  • Family heirlooms & jewellery

  • Up to 250 kg of gold or silver bullion


 What’s Included In Our Safety Deposit Box Services

As the industry experts in secure storage, our customers are able to access both our cutting edge facilities and industry consultants.

Inventory Audits
Bullion Procurement
Unlimited Access


Our Sign-Up Process

Signing up for a safety deposit box with Imperial Vaults is quick and easy. The process itself takes less than 15 minutes. Once complete, you can start storing your valuables.


Book an appointment

Arrange an appointment with the Imperial Vaults team by calling us on (07) 3152 6161 or through our Contact page.

Complete paperwork

During your appointment, you will be required to complete an application form and present a form of identification and proof of address such as a driver’s license.

Set up security access

Once paperwork is complete, we will take a bio-metric scan of a finger from each hand and have you nominate a 6-digit code. These will be used as security measures and are required by yourself each time you enter the vault.

Start storing your items!

As soon as the sign-up process is complete, you can start storing your valuables! 


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