Safety Deposit Boxes

Protect and safeguard your valuables with our state-of-the-art safety deposit boxes in Brisbane. At Imperial Vaults, we offer short-term and long-term storage solutions in our exceptionally designed facility to secure a variety of precious metals and valuables.

Our range of safe deposit boxes store a wide range of valuables including bullion, cryptocurrency, precious jewellery, and any other valuables. Our Brisbane facility also features a number of bullion specific safety deposit boxes which can hold up to 250 kg worth of bullion.


About Our Safety Deposit Boxes


Ultimate Protection

Our safety deposit boxes are built for the sole purpose of keeping your valuables safe and secure. The infrastructure and layers of security for our private vault have been designed to withstand natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes and reduce the risk of theft or tampering.


Access Keys

Each of our safe deposit boxes are issued with two identical and individually registered keys - these cannot be copied. Additionally, Imperial Vaults has absolutely no access to your safety deposit box, guaranteeing complete privacy and maximum security. 


Unlimited Safe Deposit Box Access

Customers are able to access their safe deposit box in our private vault facility as many times as required. There is no limit to the number of times you can access your items. Simply call and schedule a suitable time for access. 

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Dual Key System

As one of our many security protocols, each of our safety deposit boxes are fitted with a dual key system. This requires both your access key and an Imperial Vaults guard key to access your valuables. 


Complimentary Insurance

Protect your valuables and save on your home and contents insurance with our cost-effective safety deposit boxes in Brisbane. Each safe deposit box comes with $10,000 complimentary insurance through Lloyd’s Of London, with the option to insure up to $1,000,000 at an additional cost, for complete peace of mind.




Our Secure Storage Solutions


Bullion Storage

Safeguard your future with one of our safety deposit boxes, or our bullion safes which can hold up to 250 kg of bullion. Our cutting-edge, independently owned private vault facility seamlessly incorporates innovative technology with fortified infrastructure for your complete peace of mind.

Cold Data & Cryptocurrency Storage

Secure your data or cryptocurrency offline with our safety deposit box solutions. Our purpose-built facility allows for the secure storage of all data sources, whether it is cryptocurrency, a digital contract or any other inactive data. Find out more on how you can store your data with Imperial Vaults.

Jewellery Storage

Safeguard your jewellery and family heirlooms with one of our safety deposit boxes. Our strategic location in Brisbane provides easy access to your possessions, whether you’re storing personal pieces and effects or B2B supplies such as gold, silver or precious stones.


Document Storage

Keep your important documents safe from theft, fire or floods in our private vault facility. Our safety deposit box solutions are designed to store a range of documents including wills, birth certificates, private records, contracts, agreements and more.

Coin & Banknote Storage

Whether you have an extensive coin and banknote collection or a few collectable pieces, secure your numismatic collection with one of our cost-effective and secure storage solutions from less than $4 per week.

Other Valuables Storage

Protect your most treasured and highly valued items from loss or damage with one of our cost-effective safety deposit boxes in Brisbane. Our vault facility is located in a discreet yet secure and easily accessible location for your convenience.


Protect & safeguard your valuables

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Why store your valuables in a safety deposit box?

Safety deposit boxes are built specifically for the purpose of keeping valuables safe and secure. These secured boxes are often stored within individual safes held in a large vault keeping your valuables safe from natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes and reduces the risk of theft or tampering.

Within these private vault facilities, there are many layers of security that your valuables are protected by. These include individual keys to your safety deposit box, pin numbers, biometric scanning, staff, security and the structure of the vault itself - consisting of layers of reinforced concrete and steel walls.

Our safety deposit boxes in Brisbane are available in different sizes to accommodate for various individual needs with options available to comfortably store bullion, documents, hard drives, cryptocurrency wallets, jewellery, coin collections and more.

Each of our safe deposit boxes come with their own individual set of keys that only the owner will have possession of - these cannot be copied. Each of our safety deposit boxes also come with $10,000 of complimentary insurance cover for additional peace of mind.

For more information on our safety deposit box options, head to our Prices page.