Secure your valuables with Imperial Vaults


State-of-the-Art Facilities

Located in a flood-free zone, our facility incorporates multiple layers of security into its infrastructure with 24-hour surveillance and sophisticated detection systems.


First Class Customer Service and Expertise

Together with a wealth of knowledge and experience, our highly-trained staff provide first-class service and assistance with any private storage needs.


Complimentary insurance

We provide all safety deposit box holders with $10,000 complimentary insurance as part of our service for complete peace of mind. Insurance cover is provided through Lloyd’s Of London and additional insurance can be purchased.


Independently and Privately Owned

Imperial Vaults and the entire Imperial Group are independently owned and free of banks, governments or any other administrative intervention.


Valued Privacy and Discretion

Our private vault facility is located in a convenient yet discreet location in Brisbane with private viewing suites so you can inspect your holdings in absolute privacy.


Access to premier industry services

Our customers have access to a suite of industry services including SMSF and inventory audits, valuations, bullion procurement, transport and logistics.


Our Private Vault Options

Built for the sole purpose of storing and protecting your valuables, our safety deposit box options are able to store a wide variety of items including gold bullion, silver bullion, documents, jewellery, family heirlooms, photos, collections, hard drives, bitcoin and other valuables.


Bullion Services

Grow your investment portfolio with gold and silver through our complete in-house bullion procurement services. In partnership with Imperial Bullion, our customers are able to buy and sell premium bullion, arrange audits and valuations for SMSF purposes and utilise our logistics services for safe transportation of your precious metals.


About Us

Imperial Vaults offers secure safety deposit box storage through their state-of-the-art facility in Brisbane. As part of the Imperial Group, Imperial Vaults is independently owned, operating with the core focus of facilitating the highest level of security for its stakeholders. 

Designed and constructed by industry professionals, our private vault facility combines multi-layered security and fortified infrastructure alongside comprehensive storage solutions to provide the ultimate level of security, trust and discretion for our clients. 

What our customers have to say

Imperial Vaults were able to help me while I went overseas. I got a safety deposit box for 2 months and was able to relax knowing all is fine back home.
— Small Safety Deposit Box Holder, Lota
Such a great concept! Purchase bullion and put it in my safety deposit box immediately. Have recommended Imperial Vaults many times.
— Large Safety Deposit Box Holder, Redcliffe
Amazing private vault with outstanding facilities. It is nice to know my valuables are safe. The customer service is excellent too.
— Large Safety Deposit Box Holder, Chelmer
I visit my safety deposit box once or twice a month and it is always a pleasant experience.
— Medium Safety Deposit Box Holder, Ascot
Registration took 10-15 minutes and was able to store my items straight away. Great service.
— Small Safety Deposit Box Holder, Maleny

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Our Safety Deposit Boxes

Secured in our private vault facility in Brisbane, our safe deposit boxes are the ultimate form of protection when it comes to securing your valuables. Our location was strategically chosen due to it’s accessible yet discreet position and flood-free location. The infrastructure of our purpose-built private vault protects against natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes and reduces the risk of theft or tampering. 

Our safe deposit boxes are available in four different sizes to suit your individual needs with small, medium and large safety deposit boxes available plus a bullion safe that can hold up to 250 kg worth of gold or silver bullion. All of our safety deposit boxes are able to hold a wide variety of items including documents, jewellery, bullion, family heirlooms and much more. Even our small safety deposit box is able to store a considerable amount of valuables including A4 documents folded into a DL size.

Security is paramount at our Brisbane vault facility with each of our safe deposit boxes having two identical access keys which cannot be copied. Imperial Vaults do not have a copy of this key as both are given to the customer on registration. Imperial Vaults cannot access your safe deposit box without this key. Additionally, all safety deposit boxes come with up to $10,000 complimentary insurance, with the option to insure up to $1,000,000 at an additional cost, for complete peace of mind.