Cold Data & Cryptocurrency Storage

Although digital security such as bitcoin technology is becoming more and more advanced and secure, there are some things that traditional offline security cannot compare to. Securing your bitcoin, cryptocurrency or any other cold data in a vault facility provides the ultimate protection for your valuables. Our private vault in Brisbane was designed for the sole purpose of security and protection with reinforced steel and concrete walls, armed with multiple layers of security including 24-hour surveillance, sophisticated detection systems and stringent security measures.

Imperial Vaults offer a range of secure cryptocurrency storage options with our Small Safety Deposit Box starting from less than $4 a week.


Why store your cryptocurrency in a private vault?


Reduced risk of theft, hacking & corruption


Multi-Layered 24/7 Security


Independent & Privately Owned


Absolute Privacy & Discretion


Our Cryptocurrency Storage Services


Independently Owned

Imperial Vaults and the entire Imperial Group are independently owned and operated, free of banks, governments or other administrative intervention. Our private vault facility is operated in line with the core focus of functioning for its stakeholders


Quality Insurance

As an added layer of protection for your documents, Imperial Vaults provides all safety deposit box holders with $10,000 complimentary insurance as part of our service. Additional insurance cover is available upon request.


Access to premium bullion services

In partnership with Imperial Bullion, our customers are able to buy and sell gold or silver bullion with ease and access to secure logistics and transportation of your bullion.


Valuations and Inventory Reviews

Detailed valuations and inventory audit services are available to all customers which can be arranged via appointment. All valuations comply with requirements for insurance and self managed super funds (SMSF).


Cryptocurrency & Secure Storage Storage

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are stored in a “wallet”. This wallet holds a private key that allows you to access your cryptocurrency address and is available in a number of forms including software wallets, online wallets, mobile wallets, hardware wallets and paper wallets.

Software Wallets

This type of wallet is installed directly on your computer where you have control of your access keys. As the wallet is installed in your computer, this does pose potential risk of your computer being stolen, corrupted or being hacked. 

Online Wallets

These cloud-based wallets are ideal for convenient access - these wallets are accessible from any device. However, with more convenient access comes lower security. As the private keys are stored in the cloud, users are dependent on the host’s security measures and existence. 

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are used for everyday transactions or if users want to buy and sell on the go. Mobile wallets are apps installed on smartphone devices. 

Hardware Wallets

These are small devices that are occasionally connected to the web to conduct transactions. As they are predominantly offline, these devices are much more secure than online wallets however, they do open up the opportunity for being lost or stolen. 

Paper Wallets

Private and public keys of a cryptocurrency address are printed on a piece of paper. This form of storage is ideal for long-term storage or gifting any cryptocurrency. 


Our Cryptocurrency Storage Options

Imperial Vaults are able to securely store hardware wallets and paper wallets as well as cold data in our private vault facility. 

Each of our safety deposit boxes are issued with two identical and individually registered access keys which cannot be duplicated. Imperial Vaults has no access to your safety deposit box or bullion safe, guaranteeing complete privacy and maximum security for your documents.

All safety deposit boxes come with $10,000 worth of insurance cover with additional insurance cover available to suit your needs.



from $17 per month


  • Ideal for storing small valuables

  • Jewellery & family heirlooms

  • Cash, hard drives, passports

  • Up to 10 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $25 per month


  • A4-sized documents, photos

  • Cash, hard drives, passports

  • Jewellery & family heirlooms

  • Up to 20 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $46 per month


  • Ideal for storing large valuables

  • A4 documents, hard drives, photos

  • Family heirlooms, cash

  • Up to 50 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $74 per month


  • Ideal for storing large valuables

  • A4 documents, hard drives, photos

  • Family heirlooms & jewellery

  • Up to 250 kg of gold or silver bullion


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