Document Storage

Investing in secure document storage is essential when it comes to protecting your important files and records. These documents often require a considerable amount of time, money and resources to be invested into them such as legal documents, medical records and financial records and can be irreplaceable. 

Safeguarding your documents in a vault facility provides the ultimate protection for your items. Our private vault in Brisbane not only offers a secure document storage solution with the ability to withstand natural disasters but reduces the risk of theft and tampering. Our vault is constructed from reinforced steel and concrete walls and armed with multiple layers of security including 24-hour surveillance, sophisticated detection systems and stringent security measures.


Why store your documents in a private vault?


Safe from theft, fire & floods


Independent & privately owned


Secure state of the art facility


Affordable storage solutions


Absolute Privacy


Our Documents Storage Services


Ultimate Protection

Purpose-built by industry specialists, our private vault offers a secure document storage solution in Brisbane. Reinforced by concrete and steel walls, our vault was designed to withstand natural disasters such as fire, floods and earthquakes and reduce the risk of theft and tampering.


Independently Owned

Imperial Vaults and the entire Imperial Group are independently owned and operated, free of banks, governments or other administrative intervention. Our private vault facility is operated in line with the core focus of functioning for its stakeholders.


Quality Insurance

As an added layer of protection for your documents, Imperial Vaults provides all safety deposit box holders with $10,000 complimentary insurance. Additional insurance is available upon request.


Convenient Access

The location of our private vault in Brisbane is both convenient and discreet featuring free secure underground parking. Customers are able to access their valuables at any time during business hours 


Our Document Storage Options

We offer a number of document storage options available to both businesses and individuals. Our most suitable option for A4 document storage start from $6 a week with our Medium sized safety deposit box. 

Each of our safety deposit boxes are issued with two identical and individually registered keys which cannot be duplicated. Imperial Vaults has no access to your safety deposit box or bullion safe, guaranteeing complete privacy and maximum security for your documents.

All safety deposit boxes come with $10,000 worth of insurance cover with additional insurance available to suit your needs



from $17 per month


  • Ideal for storing small valuables

  • Jewellery & family heirlooms

  • Cash, hard drives, passports

  • Up to 10 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $25 per month


  • A4-sized documents, photos

  • Cash, hard drives, passports

  • Jewellery & family heirlooms

  • Up to 20 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $46 per month


  • Ideal for storing large valuables

  • A4 documents, hard drives, photos

  • Family heirlooms, cash

  • Up to 50 kg of gold or silver bullion


from $74 per month


  • Ideal for storing large valuables

  • A4 documents, hard drives, photos

  • Family heirlooms & jewellery

  • Up to 250 kg of gold or silver bullion


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