Member Services

As part of Imperial Group, Imperial Vaults are able to provide a complete suite of precious metals and numismatic services to complement our secure storage offering. 



Our purpose-built, state of the art facility delivers unparalleled security for precious metals and other valuables. Designed and built by industry professionals, our vault facility will withstand natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes and reduce the risk of theft or tampering. 

The vault facility itself is made up of concrete and reinforced steel walls, incorporating multiple layers of security including 24-hour surveillance and detection systems, biometric scanning, staff presence, dual key systems and stringent security measures.



Protect your valuables and save on your home and contents insurance with our cost-effective safety deposit boxes in Brisbane. As an additional layer of protection for your valuables, Imperial Vaults provides full liability insurance underwritten by Lloyd’s Of London for complete peace of mind. 

Each safe deposit box comes with up to $10,000 complimentary insurance with the option to insure up to $1,000,000 at an additional cost. 

To increase your cover or to find out more information about our insurance cover, simply call us on (07) 3152 6161 or ask us during your next appointment. 


Inventory Audits

Imperial Vaults are able to provide inventory audits to customers upon request. There are two types of audits available: In-House Review or Independent Review.

In-House Review

Our professional vaulting and bullion consultants review your vault holdings and provide a report detailing its contents for confirmation of holdings. 

Independent Audit

Imperial Vaults are able to facilitate a completely independent review of all items stored in your safety deposit box. Our process has been specifically designed to comply with annual reporting requirements for self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) auditors and administrators.

Please note inventory audits are by appointment only and additional fees apply. To arrange an inventory audit, simply call us on (07) 3152 6161 or book an appointment via our Contact page. 



Professional valuation services are available to all customers for a comprehensive suite of items including investment-grade bullion, rare notes or coins, jewellery and various estate items. We provide valuations to comply with requirements for insurance and self managed superannuation funds (SMSF). 

For jewellery valuations, our industry partners are qualified, experienced and registered with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV).

Professional coin grading services are also available for collectible numismatics through our partners, Imperial Coins and their PCGS Coin Grading service. 

To arrange for a valuation of an item, get in touch with our friendly team on (07) 3152 6161 or make an enquiry through our Contact page.



Our partnerships within the Imperial Group allow us to facilitate door-to-door transportation of your precious metals with ease. We offer a comprehensive, affordable logistics service to anywhere in the world.

To arrange for transportation of your precious metals, simply call us on (07) 3152 6161 or book an appointment via our Contact page.


Bullion Procurement

Grow your investment portfolio with gold and silver through our complete in-house bullion procurement services. In partnership with Imperial Bullion, our customers are able to buy and sell premium bullion, arrange audits and valuations for SMSF purposes and utilise our logistics services for safe transportation of your precious metals. Assets can be sold back to Imperial Group without them needing to leave the premises. 

To arrange for any of our bullion services, simply call us on (07) 3152 6161 or book an appointment via our Contact page.


Convenient and Discreet Access

Our private vault facility is located in Hamilton, Brisbane. We are conveniently located within 5 minutes of the Brisbane Airport and just 10 minutes from the Brisbane CBD. 

Customers have access to our free secure underground car park with escalator and lift access to our facility via Allen Street.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and the 1st and 3rd  Saturday of each month from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Please book an appointment prior to your visit so that we can ensure the vault facility is free at your preferred time. 

To book an appointment, call us on (07) 3152 6161 or via our Contact page. 


Private Viewing Suites

In accordance with the core values of Imperial Vaults, our customers are able to inspect their holdings in a private viewing suite for ultimate discretion and privacy. 

To book an appointment, call us on (07) 3152 6161 or via our Contact page.